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Her Wild Heart

200 pages5 hours


With ruin and scandal around every corner, the Earl of Markham keeps a tight fist on his life and emotions. But blackmail now threatens his son’s inheritance and he must tread carefully to keep his world in balance.

Markham is forced to court and marry a vicar’s daughter, who is as spirited and wild as the countryside she loves. Her rebelliousness and stubbornness could dismantle his life, yet her fire illuminates his colorless world and could break the wall around his heart.

Lizzie Parker wants no part of the London Season. Her happiness comes from the village, caring for her father, and her beloved country life. Against her will, her father sends her London to find a husband, but she’ll not go quietly. She’ll do whatever it takes to vex the man who is her benefactor. The man who one time shattered her heart.

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