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Beaudry's Ghost

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For more than a century, Union cavalry scout Jared Beaudry has haunted the Outer Banks, looking for the mad Confederate officer who murdered him. At a modern-day Civil War re-enactment, Jared makes a desperate leap into another man’s body. Hoping, he’ll at last find justice.

Taylor Brannon has always fought against the frightening psychic ability she was born with. When her entire re-enacting unit is possessed by spirits of the dead, she’s living a nightmare, and starring in that nightmare is sexy ghost hell-bent on self-destruction.

Jared’s powerful spirit touches her like no other, and she embarks on a dangerous quest to help Jared find peace. Just when it seems the revenge Jared’s sought for a century is within his grasp, he has to decide between getting what he’s always wanted and a love that could last an eternity.

The books in the Legends series are best enjoyed in order:
Book #1: Beaudry’s Ghost
Book #2: A Ghost of a Chance

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