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A Game of Chance

296 pages7 hours


Jack Richards made his first million when he was a nerdy teen. Now, he stays out of the limelight by using an alias, Jack Chance. As CEO of a billion-dollar tech company, Jack thought he had everything he wanted. Until she came storming into his office. With her electric blue hair and voluptuous curves, Meg Marlowe’s a video game fantasy come to life.

Computer genius Meg is convinced that X-Tech has stolen her work, and she breaks into its headquarters to confront Jack Richards. Who she finds instead is Jack Chance—all bulging muscles and hard planes, he couldn’t be further from the nerdy CEO she expected. A misconception that Jack is happy to go along with.

Their attraction is instant, sizzling, electric… But all is not what it seems at X-Tech, and their red-hot relationship could be headed for a wormhole of doom. In the game of love, Jack plays to win—but he may have met his match.

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