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Savage Revenge

280 pages3 hours


Agent Nathan Larson is an alpha, but he’s on the run from the government and his pack. Everyone believes he’s guilty of a horrific massacre—if only the details of that night weren’t so fuzzy in his head… He needs a place to lay low so he can figure out just what happened. A cabin in the woods seems like the perfect place to hide out, and the owner of the cabin is just plain perfect.

As the little sister of an alpha, Sage Christensen has been overprotected her entire life. Living on her own in the middle of nowhere is the most she’s been able to do to exert her independence. When a strange but hot alpha follows her home and holds her captive, she realizes just how far from help her cabin is. She knows it’s crazy to trust Nate, even crazier to want him, but there’s something about this secretive, sexy stranger that calls to her.

Each book in the Savage series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Savage Hunger
Book #2 Savage Betrayal
Book #3 Savage Revenge

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