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Australia Day

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For one family, Australia Day is the best part of the summer holidays. It takes place right before it’s time to go back to school.

Australia Day follows this family as they enjoy a long weekend camping along the riverbanks of the mighty Murray River. It’s a holiday filled with everything from boating to skiing, fishing, toasting marshmallows, playing beach cricket, stargazing, enjoying time with friends, and more.

This picture book for children offers insight into the wonders and joys of Australia Days and describes what it means for those who live there.

Today is Australia Day, 26 January. Everyone is making up funny games and costumes to celebrate the day. John has brought along an old bathtub, but it looks weird. He attached a set of old skies to the bottom and added some old shower hose. We give it a trial run behind Dad’s boat. It sinks straight to the bottom. Rescue mission time; more alterations are needed. Others attach flags to high poles on their boats. There are Aussie flag bikinis, board shorts, hats, flags on cars, towels, umbrellas, blow-up thongs, and beach balls. It’s all happening. People everywhere, it’s not a good day for fishing.

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