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Hidden Fires: Dusty Miller, #6

217 pages3 hours


Dusty Miller thought he'd left the war behind him.

But back on the streets of London with a dishonourable discharge ringing in his ears, when an old friend offers him a bodyguard job looking after a gangsters daughter, Dusty doesnt have much choice but to accept.

Walking around with Margaret Mayfield looked like it was going to be straightforward, right up to the moment when the first shots were fired.

As a gangland takeover erupts, Dusty finds himself once more fighting an unknown enemy who is determined to win at any cost.

The Mayfield firm is in a war for survival. But war is what Dusty does best.

For series readers Hidden Fires is set a year or so before the events of Honest Intent. If you haven't yet met Dusty Miller, its time you did and this is a great place to start.

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