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Ariel's Summer Vacation: Virginia Lovers, #2

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Successful architect Ariel Stewart anticipates an enjoyable vacation with her family in Virginia and at the beach, before packing her bags and leaving for a longer project in Europe. She has the shock of her life when the daughter she gave up for adoption fourteen years ago, shows up at her door. Forced by the circumstances, Ariel takes Mellie with her, and her carefully planned vacation is turned upside down. It doesn't help that Mellie gets her embroiled with a gruff, reclusive carpenter and his adorable mutt.

Kyle Ferguson lives like a recluse with only his dog for company since he was released from prison five years ago. Once a wealthy investment banker, Kyle had to pay for his negligence when his friend and partner disappeared with their clients' money never to be heard from again. None of the audits could pin embezzlement on Kyle, but he was found guilty nevertheless. Now, all he wants is to be left in peace. He certainly doesn't need the pesky kid coming every day to play with his dog and to bring him unexpected gifts. And the attraction he feels for the girl's mother is also unwelcome.

Could the old saying 'Virginia is for lovers' prove true and bring together two such different, yet lonely people?

Virginia Lovers Trilogy:

Alexandra's Garden – Book 1

Ariel's Summer Vacation – Book 2

Lulu's Christmas Wish – Book 3

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