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Sister Carrie

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While working as a freelance journalist, Theodore Dreiser wrote his first novel, "Sister Carrie" (1900). This naturalist novel was considered groundbreaking at its inception, and even scandalous as it became well known. Dreiser faced challenges getting it published, with the subject matter considered racy for readers. Despite this initial struggle, "Sister Carrie" is considered Dreiser's most prolific work.

Carrie Meeber, the main character, is a young woman from a small town in the Midwest who leaves her family to attempt to make her own way in Chicago. Her excitement at this prospect soon changes to sorrow when she realises that the life she will lead working in a factory is not glamorous. In a state of despair, she accepts money from a travelling salesman, Drouet, and she moves to his apartment, where she lives in comfort without working as his mistress. Later, she is tricked into leaving Chicago for New York with another man, Hurstwood, who is more successful than Drouet, but who soon fails...

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