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The teenage years are amazing! New youth, fresh memories, and young love were the memories we fall into a trance remembering. Love being the main joy to everyone's existence, and usually one of the sparks that bring those fond flashbacks to life. We all have fallen for someone at a young age, and it is almost a given that the older generation (specifically parents) will hinder our deep infatuations and write it off as "puppy love." But who cares what they think? This book holds the defined thoughts of a teenager who is in love and doesn't care. We laugh at these hopeless romantics but at the same time envy their lovely bliss. This solidifies that love is real, love can be found, and love should be treasured. Despite this being from a teenage male's point of view, let it not pull away from the teenage female's enjoyment. This book will speak volumes to lovers, and hold value to soul mates, even if the world sees you and your significant other as someone being too young to love.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781453568934
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