This is a Mathematics book with a difference, as can be clearly deduced from the author’s philosophy: “We should SEE mathematics not merely think Mathematics”. The simplicity with which the author explains basics of Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry will definitely exceed the reader’s wildest expectations. Simple concepts like “What is pi?” & BODMAS are adequately explained in user-friendly terms, even to learners who are being introduced to the subject for the first time. Even the conventional belief that Area of Circle is the exception to the rule where all areas are calculated with length times breadth as the basis are refuted. This book is a must-read for anyone who think that they know Mathematics & even more so for those struggling with Mathematics. Educators will find this book invaluable with the uncovery of countless ‘new’ tools which will put the fun back into the learning of Mathematics. The author unmistakably shows that Mathematics should not be taught by encouraging memorization of rules & regulations but by promoting understanding of the logic behind them.
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