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Millennial Influence: Excelling in Life and Leading Our Generation

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One of the most misunderstood generations is the millennial generation. As we continue to take over the workforce, company leadership should begin to understand what makes millennials tick and why we are so different from any other generation to come before.

Why are millennials called lazy or given the title of "entitled"? How has the Internet and social media changed our way of thinking? Millennial Influence covers all these questions and more while offering you actionable insight, strategies, and a brief history to help understand and guide millennials.

This book is also the blueprint for millennials. Millennial Influence was written in such a way that all generations can benefit from reading. The goal D'Vaughn Bell had for writing this book was to lay a solid foundation for helping millennial increase their level of influence as they begin to take on more challenging roles in the workplace.

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