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The Queen of Terrified & The Newly Brave Landowner: Lesbian Adventure Club

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"How did the nerd get the cheerleader?" —Ledge Walkers, Book 2

Travel back nearly a decade...

After three years as a newspaper reporter, Kate Sutter is deservedly confident in her work ... at least until an assignment lands her at the university to interview the student president of a business club. Claudia Kitterman, a beautiful powerhouse, completely unnerves her, and when Claudia sets her green-eyed sights on Kate, every self-preserving belief Kate possesses about life, people, and herself gets challenged. Sometimes the seemingly mismatched end up being the perfect match.

It's romance, angst, humor, and a guaranteed happy ending—in true Kate and Claudia style.

(This is a prequel to the Lesbian Adventure Club series that is best read after Book 8, L-Word C-Word. Its word count is approximately 62,000.)

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