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Conflict Resolution For Dummies

Conflict Resolution For Dummies

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Conflict Resolution For Dummies

35 pages
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Aug 23, 2019


Conflict is inevitable.

How you handle it will determine your success in life

Whenever there is movement, there will be friction. Friction will generate heat. Heat results in conflict.

Too often we deal with conflict in wrong ways that fail to resolve the problem but adds fuel to the fire. Look at the conflicts in our society, our nation, and around the world. For many years we have dealt with business, home, and societal conflict in unhealthy ways. There has to be a better way. 

Based upon several years of research we put together a plan, not to avoid conflict but to resolve it in the best way. 
Discover the cause of conflict
Learn 10 Steps to resolving conflict
Learn how to manage conflict constructively

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Aug 23, 2019

About the author

William (Bill) Johnson and his wife Rita live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and have been happily married for over fifty years. They have been in ministry together since 1980 and have taught classes and workshops throughout the US and overseas. During the past years of ministry, Bill often ministered to pastors and church leaders.  In 2001, Bill & Rita - along with some sympathetic friends - established Aslan Ministries, Inc. a non-profit corporation with the purpose of encouraging and equipping the church and its leaders. Aslan Ministries Inc. provides counseling, coaching and in-person workshops on discipleship, ministry, prayer, leadership, and spiritual development.

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Conflict Resolution For Dummies - William F Johnson

Conflict Resolution


William F. Johnson


Conflict is inevitable!

How you handle it will determine your success in life.

Copyright © 2019 William F. Johnson


All rights reserved.

ISBN-10: 1071443283

ISBN-13: 978-1071443286

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Table of Contents


The Causes of Conflict.

Conflict Must Be Confronted

Ten Things You must do

1. Know the stages of Conflict.

Stage 1. The Remedy Stage. - Fix the problem

Stage 2.  The Re-Positioning Stage

Stage 3 Rights Stage - People declare their rights.  -  I’m right so you must be wrong.

Stage 4. The Removal Stage  - get rid of those people.

Stage 5. Revenge  Stage  - Make someone pay.

2. Set Goals For Confrontation.

Goal # 1 – Develop a Better Understanding

Goal #2 - Positive Change

Goal # 3 – Save the Relationship.

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