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Santa's Wicked Elf
Santa's Wicked Elf
Santa's Wicked Elf
Ebook35 pages31 minutes

Santa's Wicked Elf

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About this ebook

Hollie Nikolas had been away from home for awhile; school and a normal life in her aunt's home. Back with her family at last, she's ready to take her place in her father's workshop. But the tall, gorgeous elf who runs her father's stables is wreaking havoc on all her plans.

Grant Vaughn had been in love with Hollie for as long as he could remember. Friends as children, his feelings had remained true throughout her absence. Now he's all grown up and Hollie is home again.

This holiday season throws each of their lives into disarray. And one thing's for sure. Hollie has designs on. . .

Santa's Wicked Elf.

Release dateOct 8, 2019
Santa's Wicked Elf
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    Santa's Wicked Elf - Livvy Ward


    Livvy Ward

    Copyright © 2017 Emma Diss

    All rights reserved.

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    This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

    Santa's Wicked Elf

    The week leading up to Christmas was never dull. From the moment Hollie set foot within her family home, she had been run off her feet. If she wasn’t working on setting up her classroom, she was chasing down items or elves for her father.

    As she hurried from place to place, Hollie slowly came to the realization that she was being watched. It wasn’t until two days ago that she started paying closer attention to those around her, had spotted the tall elf with dark hair and whiskey-colored eyes who she’d seen in passing at the stables upon first arriving home.

    There was something familiar about him that Hollie couldn’t quite put her finger on; when she finally dared to meet his eyes a warm fluttery feeling flowed through her, pooling in her belly. Looking him in the eye had apparently started a ball in motion, as the very next time she’d seen him he had been standing in a doorway right behind her.

    A crooked grin graced his gorgeous face, eyes glinting with amusement as he looked her over. Starting at the holly-decorated headband in her honey-blond hair, his eyes paused at the ponytail tumbling messily over her shoulder. He reached out to flick it back into place, but not before stroking some of the strands between his fingers.

    Her face got a quick look over; she wasn’t big on a lot of makeup and generally stuck to some light eyeshadow and lip gloss. Most human guys she knew disapproved, but the elf before her hummed in appreciation. His eyes flicked lower, dragging slowly over the beige top that clung to her like a second skin, onwards to the burgundy skirt that stopped just shy of her knees.

    Hollie felt her cheeks heating as he licked at

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