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The Marine's Temptation
The Marine's Temptation
The Marine's Temptation
Ebook36 pages32 minutes

The Marine's Temptation

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Destination weddings are the worst. Sure, there's sun and sand, but you have to get there. And for U.S. Marine Nate, that means driving his sister's maid of honor to the wedding. Nate's known Maggie for years. But this vision in front of him can't be Maggie, can it? And what's up with the cute, German Shepherd puppy?

Maggie's having one hell of a time. First her now-ex-boyfriend bails on her and now this! Sure, she might have had a teensy tiny crush on Nate, but that was ages ago. She's just got to make it to the wedding with her service dog in training, Kaela, and she'll be fine.

Except circumstances conspire against them, and they're forced to spend the night in a motel room with only one bed...

Release dateSep 10, 2019
The Marine's Temptation
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Rating: 0 out of 5 stars
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    The Marine's Temptation - Livvy Ward


    Livvy Ward

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    The Marine's Temptation

    The very last thing Nate had expected to find out when he’d arrived stateside a few weeks back was that his baby sister was getting married. He hadn’t even known she was dating anyone! Then again, the last time he’d been involved in his sister’s life, she was twelve years old and running around the house with her best friend as he’d been packing to ship out.

    While he didn’t really approve of Beth’s future husband, at least the guy seemed devoted to Beth. Nate was willing to put up with a lot for his little sister’s happiness. She was the only family he had left, after all. 

    Moving into his bedroom, Nate dropped the toiletry bag into his duffel just as his cell phone rang. A glance at the screen showed him it was his sister calling. Picking the cell up off the bed, Nate swiped across the screen to accept the call. Hey, Little Bit. What’s up?

    Oh Nate, thank god. Please tell me you haven’t left New York yet?

    Frowning at the panicked tone of his sister’s voice, Nate eyed his bag and calculated roughly how long it was until he’d be getting in his Mustang. After a moment he replied, Yeah, I’m still here. I’ll probably be leaving in the next half hour or so... why?

    There was a drawn out silence before Beth responded. I need a favor. Maggie lost her ride out here and I was hoping you could pick her up on your way out of New York?

    Maggie? Nate inquired, even as he wracked his brain as to which of her friends was Maggie. Given how often he’d been gone over the past sixteen years he didn’t recall her discussing a friend named Maggie, yet something about the name was familiar and it was several moments before his brain suddenly clicked and he spoke again. "Wait, not Margaret? The frumpy kid with

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