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Heart of the Dragon : Paranormal Romance Collection

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No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.

Son of the Dragon King

Striving scientist Jen is brokenhearted. Meanwhile, her colleague Jack is looking for a wife. An office party brings them together. But what's supposed to be one night of unadulterated fun turns out to be a night that will change Jen's life forever. 

Surprisingly, Jack continues to woo her even after their one night stand. She eventually finds herself falling for him… that is, until she goes to his house and discovers something terrible about him. The next thing she knows, she is brought to a remote community—of half-human half-dragon creatures! 

Pregnant with the Dragon King's baby, Jen is trapped in an unfamiliar territory, surrounded by monsters. As she gathers evidence about them, eventually planning to escape and expose them to the public, she slowly gets to know them better. Little by little, she finds herself falling deeply in love with Jack and making real friends among the dragon shifters. 

Wil she still go ahead with her plan to expose the dragon shifters once the baby is born? Will love reign and make her embrace life as the Queen of the Dragon King?

The Dragon Prince

Prince Kirian is in danger. His uncle Silas has staged a coup–seeking to depose Kirian's father as king. Only narrowing managing to escape, Kirian becomes a fugitive as he seeks to travel west where he will find safety with his grandfather Sarkan, the ruler of Castle Drakon.

Aiding Kirian in his quest is jaded mercenary Arken, and loyal young nobleman Tabor. With Arken's sword and Tabor's bow to keep him safe, Kirian must try and outwit and outrun the hunters that Silas has set after him.

However, Kirian is not without powers of his own–his family is sometimes blessed with shape-shifting abilities, the power to transform into a dragon. As he seeks to save his family and unlock his powers, Kirian is on a quest to become The Dragon Prince.

Command of the Dragon

Money and power is everything to a kingdom of a fierce and advanced dragon shifters, who rule over a humans-only populated city far below. Young and beautiful Arielle, a human with a powerful gift, has a secret wish to convince the dragons to one day accept humans among their own kind. But, human families are in awe of the dragons, who make their way down to the city every week, rounding up talent to bring back to their kingdom to use for their entertainment. 

Prince Zefelli, a member of an elite dragon clan, feels differently from his fellow kind about the harsh treatment of humans. He and his best friend become entangled in an adventure with Arielle one night; each separately seeking refuge from the way of their twisted worlds. The three embark on an unexpected journey that ultimately leads them to the meaning of true love. 

Highland Dragon

Brida has only ever known war — her people have been fighting a bloodthirsty feud with their neighbors since before her birth. When at last her father finds a solution, it comes at a cost: a man named Cynric will use his extraordinary powers to conquer their enemy, if her father pays a king's ransom in gold. When the time comes to pay and funds fall flat, Ulric offers Brida instead.

Brida, of course, hasn't the heart to argue with the salvation of her homeland — but will her heart come to love the source of that salvation, even when she discovers the beast within him?

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