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Winds of Change

753 pages12 hours


Kim and Tamsin met each other in Things that Go Bump in the Night, each of them unaware at the time that they had ever had a twin, and by doing so inadvertently solved the mystery of who had killed their birth mother more than twenty years before. But the story didn’t stop there: the consequences of their separation, of what had led to it in the first place and of what had subsequently come out of it, would have to be addressed, and this would involve new friends, new partners, and the start of new lives for them both, and the reunion of a disrupted family, the rescue of a near-derelict listed building and its adjacent farmland, and the restoration of a man’s whole life.

‘Jane Hatton has proved herself to be a magician, conjuring up real people who seem to emerge three-dimensionally from the pages of her books.’ Ben Gavan, Cornish World

‘Jane Hatton’s latest book is like a rich, dark fruit cake, currants and sultanas at every bite and the occasional cherry that brings you up with a jolt, then the sheer wickedness of the marzipan and icing. It is a character-driven plot that could not happen without the strengths and weaknesses and sheer quirks of the main protagonists...’ Susan Sallis

‘I had a sense of the plot continuing to unfold regardless of whether I was reading it or not, and I was loathe to miss a thing. The author shows the human condition in all its dubious glory...’ West Briton

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