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Never Any Doubt

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Never Any Doubt, told from both the male and female point of view, is a story about the importance of friendship, the recognition of strength, and realizing that sometimes first love really is forever.

Teenage romances don’t usually last. At that age, no one is certain where their next pimple will appear, much less if a couple will stand the test of time. Paige Turner and Carter Sullivan had a connection from the moment they met at age twelve. Paige thought her relationship with Carter was different. Parting after graduation due to his obstinacy, she was disillusioned and heartbroken.

Carter let Paige go so she could chase her dreams. After endlessly regretting his decision, he is determined to find her and win her back. Paige has never forgotten Carter either.

At their ten-year high school reunion, after a thousand miles and a decade of separation, they rekindle their love affair. Yet despite Carter’s persistence and their undeniable chemistry, Paige questions her ability to commit to a relationship due to a devastating event that occurred while they were apart and now jeopardizes their future.

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