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When Charles Calls

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Her name is Suzanne Collins. Sue is a suburban wife and mother. A typical soccer mom. A pillar of the community.

What started out to be bedroom games between her and her hubby soon got out of the bedroom. At her husband’s insistence ,Sue started dressing more provocatively. It progressed to flashing truckers on the highway.

Then one day Sue’s husband talked her into visiting an out of town strip club. That was where Sue met Charles O’Dell, the black owner of the club. Big, mean looking, and full of confidence, Charles turned Sue on.

Eventually Sue became addicted to sex with a black man and found herself his willing and compliant sex slave. When he calls, Sue came, and came, and came. It was a natural progression to group sex with other black men.

Sue admitted that she loved it and wanted more. She got more. More than she bargained for. She was the victim of a vicious rough sex, all black gang-bang. So rough it turned her off sex...until Charles called again.

This story is not for the faint of heart. It contains extreme sex with multiple men, some girl-girl sex, and a whole lot of black on white sex. You’ll like it or my name isn’t Shooter

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