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Yeshua: A Different Story

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BE PREPARED . . .This story of Yeshua's life has come from the Akashic Records and is significantly different from the Biblical account. 

Yeshua's actual message to us is profound and beyond Christian Theology. If adopted it could change the world. Yeshua is the Son of God, but so are you. You, too, can change the world.

In the mid-1970's, during a weekend in California, noted medium Marshall Lever channeled his spirit guide, Chung Fu, before a select group to reveal the secret teachings of the prophet Yeshua. Chung Fu consulted the Akashic records to provide an accurate account of Yeshua's life and teachings. Through notes and transcripts from that life-changing meeting, author John Hulbert tells the story of Yeshua—Jesus Christ—and how we can find our own Inner Truth through His secret teachings.

Attendees swore to not reveal the story they learned for 33 years, and so only now is it put down to words, so that you can learn the secret teachings and path to Inner Truth from Yeshua. 

The Story of Yeshua begins with a background of the hundreds of years proceeding Yeshua's appearance on the earth. It ends with your own wisdom and life-changing experience. Yeshua promised Himself: you, too, can change the world. 

How will you change the world? Buy Yeshua: The Untold Story today, and begin your journey to your life-changing experience!

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