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Chicagoland Shifters



When you're a former Marine tiger shifter, love comes with a high cost – is it too much to pay?

Mitchell Brayden is a former Marine who became a tiger shifter while serving overseas. He is looking for love in all the wrong places.  When he decides to rescue a young ocelot shifter from a rich, spoiled playboy, he embroils himself in a conflict that goes back generations.

Guadalupe Salazar grew up as a pampered pet of a benevolent patron.  After his patron's untimely death, he stays on with the patron's son – a self-centered, weak man who got ensnared by the drugs and fast living in the States.  One night, it goes too far and Lupe is beaten nearly to death.  He is taken to a secret shifter clinic where he meets an unlikely knight in tarnished armor.

Together, Mitch and Lupe confront the playboy and his friends – but will their actions draw the rest of the jaguar familias, not to mention the ocelot clans, into a battle over Lupe's future?  Will the delicate balance of power destroy everything that Mitch's small band of tiger shifters has built in Chicago?

Warning: Contains explicit, male/male sexual situations intended for mature readers:

This story depicts light bondage BDSM male/male sexual scenes.

This is a standalone novel with no cliffhangers and a HEA ending.

In this shifter universe, there is no M-preg or Alpha/Omega dynamics- just men loving men.

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