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Healthy Eating 101: 45 Effortless Recipes to Step Up Your Diet Game

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When thinking of healthy eating, we tend to think of quick-fix diets that can help one shed several pounds in a short space of time. Unfortunately, a lot of these diets are highly restrictive in terms of ingredients and nutrients. That makes them unappealing and difficult to sustain for most.

What if you want to maintain a healthy weight and fitness in the long-term without compromising on your enjoyment of food?

In this book, food blogger Luna Regina and nutritionist Kelli McGrane share their approach to healthy eating, and introduce a collection of 45 wholesome and delicious recipes that are designed for health-conscious individuals. Every recipe within is tested by a chef and audited by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, so you can always have a balanced combination of micro and macro nutrients, plus a scrumptious meal on your plate to enjoy!

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