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The Chimera's Omen

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There had to be more to this life. Gareth Emberneed is a Fire Mage without a cause, in a world bereft of conflict, intrigue or adventure. All the treasures have been long plundered, all the realm has been explored and all the dragons have been either slain or are now held in zoos. With the threat of monsters ended, and with every citizen within the city of Tearlines having all their needs addressed, everyone was free to explore their lives however they pleased. But still Gareth finds no drive or reason. He remembers tales of a time long past, where adventurers would venture into the unknown with nothing but the packs on their back and the swords at their side. But those stories were a relic of the past and now swirled in the mists of myth.
Unable to find purpose, and unwilling to accept a life of nothing, Gareth and his partner, Faren Horatio of Deepthorne, embark on a hike into the wilderness, in search of anything that could be considered adventurous. But a chance encounter and battle with a Chimera, a beast of legend, and a creature last seen many cycles ago, little would they realise what would occur when they entered a world they were never meant to see.
The Chimera's Omen is a novel about finding purpose when there is nothing worth achieving. With this trek, Gareth and Faren will see the reality versus their romantic ideals. Joined by Marathiel the ranger Forest-kin, Penrose the priestess of Renamusses, and the warrior-turned-farmer going only by the name Wrong, the party will learn of their place in the world, about each other, and discover the thin and easily-scratched veneer of peace that is layered over their lives.

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