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Revelation 70 Ad

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If Bibles had switches on them, the switch might be labeled "Wisdom of God" (the Kingdom of Heaven) or "wisdom of men"(denominational). You can find the switch in Gen. 2:17. When switched on by the Lord you will understand the Lord's command and Adam's choice was exceeding simple; Obey God and stay in the Garden, or obey man and die. The truth about the Kingdom of Heaven is so powerful that God had our Bibles dimmed down Mark 8:24, 25 to the wisdom of man mode for 1700 years 1 Cor. 2:6-8; Acts 17:30, so that Gnostic leaders could be ignorant enough to crucify the Son of God 1 Cor. 2:6-8 If God's wisdom wasn't removed all men would recognize that every page of scripture was about the battle between evil men and God. And the fact that the temple in Jerusalem no longer stands because it was occupied by Gnostic Jews who crucified the Lord by the authority of their denominational Bible. Now Christians have the same choice Adam did; Obey God and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven or obey men and die.

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