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A Smaller Hell

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"AJ Reid’s ‘A Smaller Hell’ is a fable of our time." - ***** KT Acolyte
"An electrifying piece of literature." - ***** Whim
"The author takes you on a trip through the underworld and keeps the reader captivated throughout the book and wanting to learn more about the sordid secrets of Ms Doyle." - ***** Iain Bennett
"A highly enjoyable tale with a bit of everything; love, crime, black humour and magic." - ***** -
"A tale of love, hate, fear and deceit that truly captivates your imagination and drags you head first into a world where things are not always as they seem, a plot which has your heart racing as you eagerly turn page after page, unable to put the book down!" - ***** Richard Mortimore

What happens when a psychopath inherits a department store?

Since Dianne Doyle took over Tanner’s Department Store from her ill-fated husband, it has become her dollhouse, a playground where she can satisy her dark needs without fear of retribution.

When rudderless thirtysomething Black arrives in desperate need of a job, she contorts and manipulates him beyond all decent boundaries in a series of bizarre games and revelations. Black knows that she plans to deliver her coup de grace at the infamous Tanner’s Christmas Staff Party, but can only guess at his fate as he is laid entirely at her mercy.

As ever, Dianne’s plans are not what they seem. And neither is she. Her final shocking revelation will change not just Black, but the whole town forever.

A Smaller Hell is a mysterious tale of collisions and collusions between the normal and the perverted; the workaday and the surreal; the logical and the absurd; and of course, good and evil. This gritty, darkly-comic story will keep you guessing as new employee Black negotiates his way through the snowdrifted alleys of a once-splendid shipbuilding town in the North of England, right up until the shocking climax at the Christmas party.

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