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Mayan Archaeological Sites: Yucatán

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The Mayan Peninsula has hundreds of Archaeological Sites filled with history and amazing temples, pyramids, platforms, administrative buildings, and a few other surprises.
Yucatán has the most visited Mayan city (Chichén Itzá) and overall the #1 state in México when it comes to Mayan Culture.
This is the perfect book if you're interested in getting to know everything about:
Chichén Itzá
Here you will find detailed descriptions of every building found in these Mayan Archaeological Sites.
This book is also for travelers who are planning a trip to the state of Yucatán in México and it's Mayan Ruins because you will learn everything you need to know about the buildings you will see once you're there.

I'm Sergio, the author and creator of Mayan Peninsula, a project focused on Mayan Culture and all its history. I wrote this book especially for you, the Mayan Culture enthusiast and the traveler that wants to know everything about the top 5 Mayan Archaeological Sites in Yucatán, I hope you enjoy reading it!

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