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Open Letter To Bulgarian Public (about the pensioning and the poverty in Bulgaria)

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This is one very big letter for all Bulgarians translated this time in English, which discusses some pension curiosities, advices to the pensioners, propositions for their bettering, meaning about the social policy in Bulgaria, about the fight with misery, again some ideas and propositions, meaning about the end of world capitalism, how to better our image before the world, and other topics. It is from an invented (yet literary) personage, but in reality from an ancestral intellectual, former scientific assistant, with 2.5 tertiary educations, received in 3 foreign countries, who knows 3.5 foreign languages, and for more than 25 year is unemployed, now at last pensioner. It has been published by NOT a single Bulgarian authority and for that reason I publish it now around the world. After an year I have translated it in Russian and German, and in English have written one introductory material ("Hellow-Mellow") which explains what is in this Letter and many other things, but at the end I give it whole, too. |
Open Letter to Bulgarian Public ||
Subject: pension curiosities, propositions for their eliminating, advices to the pensioners, opinion on our social policy and the fight against poverty, again ideas and propositions, opinions about the collapse of capitalism, how to make our image before the world better, and others. |
By: Ivancho Jotata, anonymous author, ancestral intellectual, ex-scientific worker, with two and a half tertiary educations, and unemployed from 25 years, now pensioner. |
0. Introduction and plan of the letter |
Ladies and gentlemen, politicians, ordinary citizens, compatriots, |
I take for my obligation to inform you about some incredible curiosities in our pension system, and from there also about other moments of our social policy, which, with the coming of our democracy, is practically missing, and by the fault of which moments (as well also of other things, of course), we are now on the last place concerning the poverty in European Union (with the only hope to move at least on the last but one place if our politicians succeed to convince somehow the Union to include also Albania in it). The letter is very long, definitely, yet this is because Jotata does not intend to terrorize our people every time and again, but has decided to tell something maximally essential. Well, and something comical, naturally, because it is, still, better to laugh rather than to weep, or to look for a fight or to make strikes or revolutions, am I right?. In view of the large volume of the letter I provide it with contents, with a brief indication of where you will find which matters, for faster orientation, although it must be clear that it is better to read everything in succession, for else there will remain white spots in the material, because I have not the habit to say banal things, and also make in places unexpected relations (which exist, after all, everything is dialectically linked). |
... |
And now the plan of the letter. |
1. “Epicrisis” of the case in NSSI.
2. Clarifications and interpretations of these events.
3. Some propositions for easy changing and mitigation of the curiosity.
4. Useful advices to the brethren-pensioners, as well to the future ones.
5. The question with the fight with poverty, and why we alone are those, who have to solve it.
6. Some hinted ideas and propositions for bettering of our social policy.
7. Global sight over the unavoidable crash of contemporary capitalism.
8. Possible Bulgarian contribution for at least postponing of the moments of crisis.
9. Appendix with the correspondence with NSSI, anonymized.
10. Conclusive remarks.
[And addition of the emails which I have sent]
11. First email (the first year).
12. Second email.
13. Third email. ||

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