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A Field of Gold

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“Curtains are closed at a Fund Raiser and Talent Show displaying a delighted audience after an evening of splendour.

Expressions of anticipation are heard as a young girl takes her seat at the Grand Piano dressed in her school uniform. Scuffling can be heard behind the curtain which lessens as the young girl starts to play a tune. A melody played soulfully rings out across the school hall reaching out to the hearts of those watching her.

There are many listening whose disguised emotions are caressed by the notes played gracefully. A teenage girl reaches out to onlookers with music and embraces circumstances behind brave faces. Overcoming all sadness everyone is united by this wonder of joy and passion.

As the music starts to fade reality becomes ours to bear. Leaving this sanctuary of unity and warmth we face life with secrets unknown to Society. The reality is however that we are not alone and our trials and tribulations can be entrusted to our Creator who will never leave nor forsake us.

Entering into the dark night the wind blows like a flute through the sand, whilst leaves on a tree waltz gustily onto the land. This is followed by a silver arrow which from the heart of the Universe takes aim. The atmosphere is charged by Nature’s own Violin of ecstasy without shame.

A feeling of enrichment after being enthralled by the sound of music leads to Glory untold. The Maker of Heaven and Earth will before us miracles of wonder unfold. As we seek His Face our lives will be transformed into A Field of Gold.”

Author, Karen Gallichan

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