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Traveling Beginner

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Traveling beginner

In this e-book are 50 dialogues between two people. One is a traveler and the second is bus driver, receptionist, taxi driver, person on the street or in train, a friend at breakfast,  waiter, another traveler, security officer, etc.

This traveler communicates because he needs toilet, tourist information, passport, water, coffee, wifi, metro, cake, ice-cream, fruit coctail, new nails, his luggage, plane, book, bus, taxi, bank, etc.

He also need to eat, drink, smoke, change money, park his car, print his pictures….he needs help.

You will read 50 dialogues for beginners. All you need to know is basic English words. You don't need to know past tense to understand these dialogues. Only present and future tense.

You can read this e-book on your mobile, computer, tablet or e-reader.

Plus you will learn 150 basic words in 750 short sentences.

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