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Thoughts are the result of your cognitive activity, and they may be ideas, knowledge, beliefs, impressions, stereotypes, memories, needs, feelings, information, suggestions, and much more. Thoughts are meant to determine directly your behavior throughout life while you fulfill your needs. Thoughts make the difference if you are successful or not in life, they determine directly your life, and if you happen to neglect, ignore, confuse, or forget them in any manner, then you fail, and you might be able to try again, or it might be fatal.

But aren't thoughts everywhere, simply popping up in your mind, you use them as they come, and this is how you think and act in life? Well, not exactly. For example, right now, there is this extraordinary idea just about to happen in the world, and it can make you rich beyond your expectations, if you can only generate it yourself, and if you are the first to do it. But can you? Because if you cannot control your reasoning and therefore the generation of your own thoughts at will, then can you actually reason? Or who exactly does the reasoning for you, if you cannot even control it? Can you acknowledge it? Can you model it? Do you know where thoughts come from? No, we do not know it yet, or this is what Psychology states, but can you understand your thoughts and entire cognition? Do you know what thoughts are and how the human thinking generates them, along with all needs, ideas, feelings, impressions, memories, and decisions? Some thoughts are conscious and some unconscious, and many times, it seems that even the conscious cognitive activity remains uncontrolled, not through human limitations, but through human lack of understanding of the human mind and of the entire human cognitive activity.

There is more to know about thoughts, reasoning, intelligences, and behavior, we will see it throughout this book, along with everything necessary to manage thoughts and thinking, in all instances. Because you cannot understand anything in life at a higher level if you do not understand the human thoughts, for the simple reason that you use thoughts throughout your reasoning in order to understand everything in life, including yourself, the world, and your place in this world. Even more, thoughts in general, and your thoughts in particular define your reasoning and intelligences, since intelligences count for the world through their reasoning, thoughts, and interconnectivity, just the way living beings count for the world through their acts, behavior, and interconnectivity. Thoughts construct your cognitive system, and they develop you wholly throughout life through the gradual improvement of your cognitive system. This is why you are who you are, because you think the way you do, because you have the thoughts that you do, and certainly, because you think exactly the thoughts that you do.

Throughout this book, we integrate thoughts within the body, brain, mind, and intelligences, studying them in all details and from all perspectives. We study how thoughts originate, develop, and are controlled at the cognitive and social levels. If you want to know more about thoughts, ideas, feelings, learning, and reasoning in general, this book is for you.

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