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Shameless Audacity in the Pitfalls of Life: the Book of Job Offers Light for Life’s Journey

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Where is God when the suffering just doesn’t make sense and seems to have no end? When faithful service to God is “rewarded” with one setback after another, has He abandoned you? When the bottom seems to have dropped out on your life, is it worth hanging on?
Let’s face it—way too often suffering appears to be meaningless and can discourage even the staunchest believer. And the pat answers of well-meaning friends and family members do more to rub salt in one’s wounds than to provide solace.
Such was the case of Job—at the very least. Why did God allow him to lose his family, his possessions, and his health? Can a person who loses everything be expected to continue to trusting the God who gave it all to him or her in the first place?
These are tough questions, and they are addressed in the powerful Old Testament book of Job. Author Rudy Morgan probes the recesses of this rich history with insights that will help thoughtful Christians look at suffering the way God intended—and perhaps be changed forever.

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