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Succulent Slavery

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A young slave is placed on the market once again, after having developed too many curves for one former master’s taste, and having shared the bed with another master despite his wife’s protests. Now, after drawing many high bids at the auction, the slave is purchased anew – this time by a mistress.

Brought to comfort by the new mistress’s other slave Aquila, she is allowed to rest, and when she awakens, she is allowed to eat. However, she has been purchased during Saturnalia, and under the holy event, she may not feed herself. She must instead be fed by Aquila and her new mistress Carus. Handfed grapes – the main crop of the Carus’s land – the young new slave is given a proposition. By the end of Saturnalia, she will chose of her own will to remain Carus’s slave, or else Carus will grant the slave her freedom.

In disbelief, the young slave takes up her new mistress on the offer, only to learn that her Carus and Aquila will stop at nothing to ensure her happiness so that she will stay. Will they succeed in wooing her into their intimate circle, or will the new slave find her freedom right around the corner? Find out in this erotic, sensual tale of a mistress, a slave, and an intimacy that is most unexpected in the slave’s line of work.

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