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The Friendly Neighborhood Butcher: Adesanya's Cheap Scares 1

21 pages14 minutes


Reuben is one of those guys that everyone seems to know in a small town. He has a kind smile, a good disposition, and a way of handling his meat. You see, Reuben is the local butcher for the town of Pebble Creek – a place that feels right out of a much simpler time. Reuben is also broken-hearted, as he has mourned the loss of his beloved Katia ever since the day she left him for her wealthy employer. Yet, things begin to look up for the butcher as an opportunity presents itself that may allow Reuben to fulfill a large meat order while extracting his revenge at the same time. Delve in to the deliciousness of this eerie short tale of love, betrayal, and revenge that will have your mouth watering for more.

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