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The Pleasure of Dying: Adesanya's Cheap Scares 2

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Janet’s not having the best day. It’s autumn in October and she’s lost on a road in the middle of nowhere, skimming through one area of Massachusetts to another on her way to the airport. Even though the leaves are exhibiting their brilliance all around her, Janet cannot focus on them. She can’t even focus on the road ahead of her or where she is, as something is plaguing her. Janet is on her period, and her extreme flow has made the drive uncomfortable and nearly unbearable.

Setting her sights on finding a gas station with a restroom, Janet thinks she’s spotted just what she’s looking for. Yet, on closer observation, she discovers that this off the beaten path filling station and its sibling owners may be yearning to relieve her in more ways than one. As the strong scent of her menstrual blood draws the unusual siblings’ attentions, Janet becomes wrapped up in an erotic adventure of bloodlust and intimacy that she may not recover from.

Will Janet walk away from this venture unscathed, or will the blood-thirsty siblings present a scenario from which she will never recover? Find out in this exciting installment in the ‘Adesanya’s Cheap Scares’ series of horror shorts!

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