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Irish Twins: Cassandra's Cop Book 2

43 pages34 minutes


In this steamy follow-up to the internationally selling To Protect, Serve and Love: Cassandra’s Cop, the story of fiction author Cass and her red-headed husband John continues. This time, there is a third party added to the mix – John’s slightly older brother Matthew, his Irish Twin.

During an anniversary supper at Cass and John’s apartment, Matthew seems to be the only guest to show and join in on the celebration. This works out to Cass’s benefit – and to John’s – as the two work to seduce him into an exquisite threesome, allowing Matthew to share more with his dear brother than he ever had before.

Will the sudden and unexpected appearance of their brother Kean throw a damper on their erotic festivities? Will Cass and the gang avert danger when suddenly held up at gun-point? More than just an erotic romance, Irish Twins will excite and enthrall as it carries you through the next chapter of the explosive Cassandra’s Cop series!

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