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A Home for Elizabeth: San Diego Brides, #1

74 pages58 minutes


When her parents die, Elizabeth is left with nothing but bills to pay. Debtors come knocking aggressively on her door, making threats, and all she can do is pray that God sends help—fast! Help comes in the guise of a mail-order bride ad and soon Elizabeth is sailing to America, on her way to marry Edmund Williams in San Diego, California. But danger follows her across the ocean and into the arms of Edmund, who has also lost everything and stands to lose even more as he and his friends confront the Clawson Gang that is threatening San Diego. Just when it looks like two shattered lives may finally be mended, Elizabeth's past reaches out to yank her back. Will Edmund's steadfast love and Elizabeth's faith be enough to save both their lives? 

There are 6 clean and wholesome Mail Order Bride stories in this series that will touch your heart.  These are tales demonstrating qualities of fortitude, strength, and valor through biblical themes. 

Stories you'll find in this series are:

Book 1 – A Home for Elizabeth 

Book 2 – A Sturdy Hand for Sharron 

Book 3 – Welsh Beauty for a Fierce Fighter

Book 4 – Irish Lass for a Wounded Warrior

Book 5 – An English Bride for a Lonely Captain

Book 6 - A Highlander Bride for the Dark Rider

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