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Mystery of The Grandfather Gone Missing

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Grace Andersen moves into the old family home in Village Du-Nu, after it has been newly refurbished, along with her son Jeremy and daughter Amanda. They wanted to live near the relatives there, and start living the lifestyle that Grace grew up in. After completing the move into the house, Grace and her sister provide the youth with some family history on their side, including the fact that their grandfather, Samuel Stevenson, has been missing for around twenty years. The seventy-six-year-old man hasn’t been seen by anyone, since before Grace was married, and no one knows where, or even if he is still alive. Jeremy, along with Amanda, and his best friend Charlie, start searching for any clues which will lead them to an answer to the twenty-year old mystery of the grandfather gone missing. Their search takes them out to the cabin at the north end of the valley, where Samuel used live, before going missing. Throughout the story, they keep spotting a wolf in the area, which seems to be following them around. The presence of a wolf causes them concern, and they begin to carry rifles with them. Of course, other life events come up during the investigation, which distracts the teenagers from concentrating exclusively on the mystery, but eventually the mystery is solved, and the conclusion of their quest results in a surprising family secret, which Jeremy, Amanda, and Charlie, must all promise to keep secret.

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