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God's Faith Mirror

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Everyday we see mirror,we bump into them,we kiss them,we work with them and we can hate or love them.How to you deal with your daily mirrors?Meet Alison and Enrico,characters of this story that have learnt and moved from certain mirror that have affected their lives,both spiritual and physically.They both have lead different lives but the paths lead the same direction due to the daily mirrors they encounter, the test they face as they glance and gaze at their past,present and future spiritual reflections.Enrico learnt to find acceptance of himself and not submit to the daily mirrors of poverty his family faced generation after generation.The learnt the one does not have to do the same as your family did,that your unique and a one of a kind designers image of creation and that he is one of a kind, as we all are.Alison,the other story character, learnt to accept her parents and their mirrors and to understand the meaning of her mirror reflection on life.She had to face a test of death,but will she survive?Will she understand the true meaning of the mirror of God?

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