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The Ambitious Barrister and the Maid

151 pages2 hours


Young Sarah-Ann Jenkins, forced into becoming maidservant to a handsome, ambitious young barrister by her penny pinching relatives, decides to become his mistress.

After all, he has had his eye on her from the first, and she wants to make enough money to secure the future for her beloved but eccentric brother.

It is a practical arrangement. Sarah-Ann is well aware that Mr. Grand is a fortune hunter in search of a wealthy wife. Still, in the maid and the master discover such physical rapture together that they are reluctant to give it up easily.

And when she has reason to believe that someone in the household is plotting against him, her sense of justice brings her firmly down on his side.

This steamy romance, which has in it echoes of the Charles Bravo Balham mystery, is set in the mid Victorian UK at a time of massive social inequalities and sexual repression for women, is written as dark comedy and will delight readers who enjoy an historically accurate sensual read.

For over eighteens only..

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