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To Protect, Serve and Love: Cassandra's Cop Book 1

181 pages2 hours


Follow African American erotic fiction author Cassandra Houston in this explosively steamy romance, set in Chicago and built around its protective police department and a family of ten Irish Catholic red-headed brothers.

After being nearly arrested for screaming too loudly during an orgasm, Cassandra is united unexpectedly with the man of her dreams - Officer John O’Keeffe. What begins as an attempt to merely ‘play’ with one another soon develops into a sizzling hot romance that will curl your toes and wet your lips - as well as warm your heart.

However, all is not flowers and candy for Cass and John. The youngest O’Keeffe brother Shane is on the run for armed robbery, and his cruel Assistant District Attorney brother Michael is after his head. As this drama unfolds, Cass finds herself tangled up in an attempted robbery all of her own and the question of jail time arises. Thank goodness for distractions like sex in a graveyard, sex in a bookstore, sex in the back of a train, sex in... Well, you get the picture!

Enjoy this beautifully passionate interracial erotic romance, filled with adventure, humor, and more politically incorrect drunken Irish slurs than you can shake a stick at!

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