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The Exterminator

276 pages4 hours


A Mike Delaney thriller: His past as a U.S government covert assassin catches up with Mike Delaney. He thought he'd retired. He's spent time as a novice monk to release his spiritual side, and he fights injustice as part of the citizen's crime-busting website confess-confess. And he's made himself a promise – never to kill again (unless he has no choice). But, when his former G-Force commanding officer is murdered at West Point Military Academy, Mike Delaney is sucked into a race to find the murderer. A worldwide organization close to the U.S administration identifies Delaney and believes he has information that could expose their secret plans for population control and mind seduction. So Mike Delaney needs to be exterminated. A bizarre husband and wife hit squad is sent to eradicate Mike Delaney.

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