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A Taylor Madison Mystery (Twice Dead)

275 pages4 hours


More than thirty years ago, a minister named Ralph Posey absconded with the church funds, abandoning his wife and daughter. At least, that's what everyone in Perdue thought . . . until now.

When Ralph's skeleton is discovered, it quickly becomes obvious that he never left town at all -- he was murdered, and all evidence implicates his wife as the killer. Bonita Posey admittedly detested her husband, but she denies taking his life. Can Taylor uncover the truth in time to keep her octogenarian friend out of prison?


"TWICE DEAD is the sequel to the first highly entertaining Taylor Madison adventure, DIAMONDBACK. Dearl has another hit on her hands with TWICE DEAD! This time out Taylor (assisted by her ferret buddy Hazel and her hunky Sheriff boyfriend Cal Arnette) gets into trouble trying to keep her friend Bonita Posey from being charged with the 30 year old murder of her snake of a husband. As old friends and enemies of Bo Posey crawl out of the woodwork, Taylor has her hands full keeping Bo and herself alive. The story is as action-packed and entertaining a read as you could ever hope for. I'm hoping this is a series that will last for many years to come."

Reviewed by Elizabeth Henze, for Murder Express

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