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Ramjassel, The Nephilim, And The Wolves Of Wrath: Ramjassel series, #1

589 pages8 hours


200 Watchers abandon the Astrocraft spaceship orbiting the earth and descend to the surface of the planet to take wives and  give birth to hybrid children. These children are named the Nephilim. But what consequences will there be for the perpetrators of this crime?

Ramjassel must find out. He is sent on a mission across the galaxy to discover the Lord's judgement in a distant past when a similar event occured. 

But his mission turns into an adventure he never bargained for. He travels back to earth only be informed that a huge comet is racing towards the planet and will likely completely destroy it.

Will Ramjassel allow the comet to do the Lord's work or will he use the Astrocraft's weaponry to stop the disaster from taking place?

(about 450 pages)

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