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Bunny and the Bear: A Shifter Romance Novella

132 pages2 hours


Nineteen-year-old Tiffany Bradwell is a cashier at a local grocery store, her life isn’t especially exciting, but it isn’t what she would call boring either. Tiffany has established a routine for her life; she’s also a were-rabbit with no family and no pack to turn too, until all that changes one night when she escapes being eaten by a bear.

A were-bear.

In the heat of the moment, the two make passionate love to one another.

Finding herself alone in the morning, Tiffany realized that she doesn’t even know her mystery man's name or how she will ever find him again.

Can there be love between a bunny and a bear?

But that is only the beginning of the changes that are to follow their one-night stand.

Tiffany takes a chance and becomes friends with a local bondsman and decides to spice up her life by helping Margaret Birdie of Jail-bird Bail Bonds tracks down one of their latest bond-'hoppers', but that is when things start to get a little 'hare-y'.

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