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Evening to Eternity: Midnight to Morning Trilogy, #3

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In Evening to Eternity, Harlie Berryman finds herself in the farthest most point from where she wants to be. The future is not at all how it had been described to her. The short time she is there has a profound effect on her, and its consequences linger far after she, Rick and James have been reunited. Once placed in their new timeline, Harlie must learn to survive and thrive outside of the bunker and Alpha team. Learning how to blend her "past life" with the one she has worked so hard to build, and knowing there is a better chance here to stop the Universum than on her home Earth, helps her focus on the overwhelming tasks in front of her. There are early successes but there is also heartache. Join Harlie in the conclusion of the Midnight to Morning trilogy and see how she takes the evening she was forced into and forges the way forward to eternity.

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