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Faust 2000 A.D.

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Stephan Faust is a struggling attorney. But it is not just his practice that frustrates him. His physical deformities disgust him and make him doubt the benefit of his worth as a lawyer and even his value as a human being.
When he denounces God, Mephistopheles is conjured up. Stephan is offered a deal: the life he has dreamed of for what he believes will require him to forfeit his soul.
As every dream, fantasy, passion and wish is fulfilled, Stephan sinks deeper into a primitive state: a man ruled by his lust and carnal desires. Any thoughts he once held of being a benefit to mankind are quickly forgotten.
Stephan turns to alcohol and drugs in order to forget his complicity in doing the devil’s work: representing the worst, most evil men in society and the world
Yet, without regard for self and his contract with Mephistopheles, he also does the Lord’s work. And while he dismisses his small contributions, they are not forgotten by the church and by the parishioners he helps.
He fights with everything that is left in him to complete good causes before his time is up and he is taken by the Devil to Hell for eternity.
When his forty years of having Mephistopheles as his host are complete, the Devil comes for his due. Yet an Angel, sent by God, intercedes in his favor and the Devil is cast off without the soul he promised Lucifer.

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