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1996: Year of the Serial Killer (Chapter Three)

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Death finds a way.

In a decade of mass paranoia, a rising digital age, and the race to the end of the second millennium of Human history, it was the rise and fall of the serial killer that struck fear into communities across the world.

The Butcher of Mons. Peter Tobin. Sean Vincent Gillis. Charles Cullen. Altemio Sanchez. Alexander Pichushkin. Anatoly Onoprienki. The Snowtown Murders: The Bodies in the Barrels. Luis Garavito. John Edward Robinson. Herb Baumeister: And the Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm. Andrew Urdiales. Alexander Komin. The Long Island Serial Killer: The Craigslist Killer. Mikhail Popkov. Kendall Francois. Alexander Spesivtsev. Marc Dutroux. Gary Ridgway. Ahmad Suradji. Lonnie David Franklin Jr. The Texas Killing Fields. Robert Pickton. David Parker Ray.

The above and hundreds more are connected by just one year; 1996.

The book contains details on various murders and true crime, including encyclopedic information on over 100 serial killers who were active in 1996 alone. There are also another 200 events that have been added to the 1996 timeline for reference and cultural significance.

It's not only serial killers that infested 1996 like a plague. You'll also find snippets and facts on unsolved murders, cold cases, mysterious disappearances, mass murders, spree killers, conspiracies, and the last execution by hanging in the United States.

If 1978 was a masterpiece of murder, and 1987 was its big brother, then 1996 is the huge bombastic ending the trilogy deserves.

(Paperback release in October 2019. Book is written in British English, with American English used only in the descriptions of American locations and American quotes.)

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