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The Libby Clark Mysteries



A “briskly paced and smartly written” World War II mystery set in Tennessee, featuring research chemist and amateur sleuth Libby Clark (Booklist).
May 30, 1944. In the middle of the night, Libby Clark is roused from sleep by a colleague in distress. Marvin’s cousin Frannie has been charged with treason, and he hopes that Libby, with her clear-headed scientific mind, can help prove her innocence. Libby, a chemist at a secret military facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee is committed to pursuing the truth wherever it takes her.
Libby soon uncovers the immoral Dr. Hansrote, who has tricked Frannie into her treachery. But the evil at Oak Ridge runs deeper. And Libby not only finds herself in conflict with the authorities, but also caught in the crosshairs of a deadly cabal of spies, profiteers, and unscrupulous collaborators.
Can Libby survive the confluence of challenges? Or will one of them fashion a trap she cannot escape?
Treason in the Secret City is the second book in the Libby Clark Mysteries, which also includes Scandal in the Secret City and Sabotage in the Secret City.
“This sequel to Scandal in the Secret City, which has some basis in fact, is faster-paced than Fanning’s debut while maintaining the 1940s atmosphere.” —Booklist

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