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The Waiting Room

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Charlotte thought she knew her mother - a small town doctor, a single mother who raised her daughter alone after her husband’s tragic death—but when she returns home for her mother’s funeral, she discovers she never really knew her mother at all.

On the day of Dr. Sylvie Day’s funeral, Charlotte meets Harold Klein, the only man who really knew her mother’s heart, and the one person in the small farming community her mother hated the most. After the mourners leave, Harold hands Charlotte a letter from her mother and requests that she meet him at her mother’s office the next morning. Little does Charlotte know that everything she knew about her life is about to change.

Her mother’s death forces her to confront her mother’s past and her own failures as a daughter. She must learn to forgive herself and accept her mother for the woman she really was.

The Waiting Room weaves a tale of small town rumors and family secrets, but at its core is a heartwarming story about mothers and daughters. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll want to call your mom.

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