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Short Fiction Lab Bundle: Brain Jar Press Short Fiction Lab

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Peter M. Ball's Short Fiction Lab Series offers a regular dose of weird fantasy, uncanny science fiction, literary horror, and other fictional experiments that blur genre boundaries. This bundle brings together the first four stories: Winged, with Sharp Teeth; Eight Minutes of Usable Daylight; A White Cross Beside a Lonely Road; and One Last First Date Before The End of the World.

Winged, With Sharp Teeth

They had chemistry right from the first date, but Steve's never been comfortable with the idea of he and Duke of them together. Steve's idea of a good life involves great books, a warm fire, and a nice glass of red. Duke's idea of a great time involves adrenaline, excitement, and plenty of travel. Their love seems tricky enough even before the flying crocodile arrives, trying to steal Duke away to a magical land in need of a king and a hero.

Eight Minutes of Usable Daylight

There has been no daylight in Brisbane for five years, a hundred and twenty-three days, and fifteen hours. People have learned to adapt.

Mika makes his living hustling black-market daylight to Brisbane's rich and powerful, but he'd prefer to spend his days hanging out at his favourite cafe. When he gets his latest delivery of product, all he wants is enough cash to buy cup of real coffee and coast through the next few months of darkness. Then his little sister makes a request for half his product, because Pavio has built a machine that might be able to replace the long-vanished sun. All she needs is a little fuel to get things started, and the good sense to avoid the authorities who monitor the daylight trade.

A White Cross Beside A Lonely Road

The last thing Alex wants is a trip home with his boyfriend in tow, but when Brendan insists on coming there's nothing for it but a ten hour drive and the dread of what might happen when they reach their destination.

There is nothing about the idea of being trapped in car with his lover that Alex is looking forward too, but a haunted stretch of lonely road is about to make him question everything he knows about his relationship and his life

One Last First Date Before the End of the World

Logan expected his date with Stina Lorne to be a disaster, an awkward dinner that ends when they both acknowledged she was out of his league. Instead they went for a long drive, then a walk along a familiar beach. In fact, everything seems to be going better than Logan could have imagined when he asked her out last week.

Sure, his date is convinced she's the descendant of Fenrir, demon wolf of Asgard. And yeah, she's talking about the apocalypse kicking off in the near future. Logan's not sure that matters, yeah? After all, nobody's perfect, and even the best relationships take work.

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